Nokia and Apple take gaming to new level

The battle for wireless gaming is hotting up with Nokia securing the rights to EA’s franchises and Apple unveiling a games download service for iPod.

EA will become a supplier to to Nokia’s Content Discoverer service – the online shopping ‘mall’ for mobile games, available on the handset manufacturer’s S40 and S60 systems. From today, customers can download seven existing EA titles, including Tetris, The Sims 2, Doom and FIFA 06.

The market leading games publisher has also promised custom-designed games for Nokia’s next generation mobile games platforms, which it says are already in development. “The line-up details are not finalised, but we obviously have the EA Sports line-up and a lot of other branded mobile titles to look forward to,” said Jaakko Kaidesoja, director of games multimedia at Nokia.

Meanwhile Apple entered the handheld space by adding games functionally to its latest iPod models and a download service via iTunes. Two new iPods, plus a refreshed iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle have been unveiled, all featuring increased battery life.

Users can purchase games via the iTunes store for $4.99 each and play them using the device’s scroll wheel. Titles featured in the initial range include Pac Man, Tetris, Bejeweled, Mini Golf and Texas Hold ‘Em.


One thought on “Nokia and Apple take gaming to new level

  1. Definitely, a welcome news for mobile gamers. This an addition to the quality games provided by gameloft, Infinite Dreams, Polarbit and DigiRed to name a few elite mobile game developers.

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