PTI Internal Elections – Between the rock and a hard place?

Its been almost 9 months now since PTI announced its internal elections. Since then the well-wishers of PTI have been hoping to see something positive coming out of these elections since these elections were seen as the cure to extreme divisions within the party, also pointed out by Talat Hussain recently. However till date, there is no expectation that these elections could be completed before general elections which makes one wonder, whether this was another hyped up bubble (like Hakumat Hatao, Mulk Bachao) that is about to burst? Akbar Sher Babar, once Imran Khan’s right hand (no more however), has rightly said that the party seems to be caught between the rock and a hard place.

As per my opinion, PTI has approached this whole exercise the wrong way. I would first like to share some information on why elections have been delayed in Islamabad.

What is happening in Islamabad?

There are two major groups, along with few minor groups participating in Islamabad. The stakes are high since the internal elections are deemed as the gateway to ticket in general elections. One of the major groups has raised serious reservations with the voter lists in front of the party leadership including the Chairman. Continue reading


Birding in Islamabad

My new found love for capturing birds has provided me a great activity to satisfy my desire to do something creative. I by no means call myself a pro, but I plan to be there someday. I would like to acknowledge the person who showed me this path, who is also like a teacher to me in photography, Zill Niazi.

Here’s a photo of Common Kingfisher, a beautiful bird I captured on last weekend.

Common Kingfisher

More pictures are available on my Flickr stream.


Heat index raised to 50 degree Celcius in Islamabad

Few days ago, heat index in Islamabad was raised to 50 degrees Celcius, as reported by a news item in The News, a local daily:

The severity of the heat wave that resulted in the ‘heat index’ soaring to record-breaking 50 degrees in most parts of the Punjab, including Islamabad.

So what exactly is “Heat Index“??

The heat index (HI) or humidex and carries is an index that combines air temperature and relative humidity to determine an apparent temperature — how hot it actually feels. The human body normally cools itself by perspiration, or sweating, in which the water in the sweat evaporates heat away from the body. However, when the relative humidity is high, the evaporation rate of the water is reduced. This means heat is removed from the body at a lower rate, causing it to retain more heat than it would in dry air. Measurements have been taken based on subjective descriptions of how hot subjects feel for a given temperature and humidity, allowing an index to be made which corresponds a temperature and humidity combination to a higher temperature in dry air.


A breather, at last!

It was a good expereince overall.. Hanging around with guys I’ve been working for the past four months, in a pretty informal environment. Though it was really cold out there and I had to shiver before getting my hands onto Chikken tikka and Kababs. Loved the view from Daman-e-Koh, beautiful .. as always!

Who says Islamabad is dead at nights?

Got a chance to visit Daman-e-Koh recently at night.. I was really impressed from this new look of the city I’ve been adoring from the very begining. Some search lights (a trade mark of Hollywood, or maybe “Bayveiw” city :P) gives a really cool effect. Surely its a treat to watch..