Telenor Easypaisa launches IBFT – A step towards Interoperability

Telenor’s Easypaisa recently launched the Inter Bank Fund Transfer (IBFT) facility for mobile account holders as well as OTC (over the counter) customers. The service can be easily be called a giant leap towards interoperability in Mobile Financial Services (MFS) arena.Inter Bank Funds Transfer

How it works:

The service is available as OTC service to anyone visiting an Easypaisa outlet as well as to mobile account users. OTC customers can send money to 24 different banks through an Easypaisa outlet by presenting their CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number to the agent. There is a limit of 15000 PKR per month per CNIC which is derived by the regulator.

Mobile Account users can simple dial a USSD shortcode to access the menu where they can choose the option of sending money to bank account. The limit is derived by the level of account the customer is subscribed for. Mobile Account users can also receive money from available banks. The transaction is initiated from interface provided by the bank and no action is required on part of Mobile Account user.

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Social Media Responsibility as seen in UK’s court of law

This news item on BBC Urdu gives a brief idea about how social media is considered in UK’s court of law and I quite like it.

Social Media Responsibility

  • If you are posting something online, you are responsible for it. Not being aware of the rules is not acceptable excuse.
  • If you are originator of the post, you will have to prove what is in the content of the post.
  • If you repost something that someone else has shared, you and the person who orignally posted it are equally accountable. You cannot say in the court of law that you are only forwarding what someone else said.
  • The more a post is re-shared, the bigger will be the crime.

Google buys Youtube, Finally!

Google is buying video-sharing website YouTube for $1.65bn (£883m) in shares after a weekend of speculation that a deal was in the offing.

The two companies will continue to operate independently, Google said as it announced the news on Monday.

YouTube, launched in February 2005, has grown quickly into one of the most popular websites on the internet.

It has 100 million videos viewed every day and an estimated 72 million individual visitors each month.

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Youtube gave a really tuff time to Google video, thus Google ended up buying it. Way to go youtube!

Fossil Bluetooth Watch Eyes Caller ID

Fossil, in partnership with Sony Ericsson, today introduced a new line of Bluetooth-enabled watches that deliver the time in a traditional analog format, but connects to a user’s mobile phone wirelessly to do a whole lot more digitally. Based on existing Fossil designs, the water resistant timepieces include a bright OLED display to allow people to view Caller ID and number information plus a vibrating alert for incoming calls or SMS/MMS messages. There’s also an out of range warning where the watch vibrates after 10 meters.

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Nokia and Apple take gaming to new level

The battle for wireless gaming is hotting up with Nokia securing the rights to EA’s franchises and Apple unveiling a games download service for iPod.

EA will become a supplier to to Nokia’s Content Discoverer service – the online shopping ‘mall’ for mobile games, available on the handset manufacturer’s S40 and S60 systems. From today, customers can download seven existing EA titles, including Tetris, The Sims 2, Doom and FIFA 06.

The market leading games publisher has also promised custom-designed games for Nokia’s next generation mobile games platforms, which it says are already in development. “The line-up details are not finalised, but we obviously have the EA Sports line-up and a lot of other branded mobile titles to look forward to,” said Jaakko Kaidesoja, director of games multimedia at Nokia.

Meanwhile Apple entered the handheld space by adding games functionally to its latest iPod models and a download service via iTunes. Two new iPods, plus a refreshed iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle have been unveiled, all featuring increased battery life.

Users can purchase games via the iTunes store for $4.99 each and play them using the device’s scroll wheel. Titles featured in the initial range include Pac Man, Tetris, Bejeweled, Mini Golf and Texas Hold ‘Em.

From ‘Google’ to just plain google

One of Google’s worst fears may have been realised. The latest edition of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary includes the word “google” which means to use the well-known search engine to look for information on the web.

The entry means that in addition to being a proper noun, the word “google” – without capitalisation of the “g” – is now a common transitive verb.

In the latest publicly available filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission made available earlier this week, Google identified the key risks it faced in seeking to to maintain its dominance in the search market and preserving its revenue growth rate.

Among the risks listed by Google in its what is called the Q-10 filing was a concern that there may be a downside to too much success.

To quote Google: “We also face risks associated with our trademarks. For example, there is a risk that the word ‘Google’ could become so commonly used that it becomes synonymous with the word ‘search’. If this happens, we could lose protection for this trademark, which could result in other people using the word ‘Google’ to refer to their own products, thus diminishing our brand.”

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